How to Start a Weed Eater

Therefore are different types of weed eater machines in the market. Therefore, the manner in which each of them is started depends on its model. I addition, there are several factors to consider before starting the machine to ensure that it does not cause injuries. Among such factors is to ensure that the spool has been well secured because it can fly off once the power has been switched off hence causing injuries to nearby people or property. Also, one should check to ensure that the plastic string has not worn out. In the case whereby it has worn out, it is advisable to replace it immediately to ensure the proper working of the machine.

Once the user has made sure that the machine is in good working condition, they should place it in ground free of obstacles and locate the kill switch to turn it on. This will allow electricity to flow into the motor in a controlled manner. Also, the purge valve is pressed almost six times to allow for fresh gas to enter the carburetor in case one is cold starting the machine. When starting the engine, one should pull the cord on the throttle lock at most three times. As soon as the engine has started to run, it is advisable to stop pulling the cord. The choke is then switched off since the engine is now running. This will reduce the amount of oil being consumed because the choke helps in the starting of a cold engine.

If the weed eater is in good condition, then it should keep on running as long as there is electricity flow. However, if it has technical problems, then it will be easy for the user to find out because it might stop running after some time or show fault signs when using it.

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