How to write body paragraphs for an essay on My Home Town

How to write body paragraphs on My Home Town

The body simply builds on your thesis statement and helps to expound your main point. Your thesis statement will simply be a hanging point if it does not have any supporting evidence. Therefore, whichever claim you make about your home town, remember to back it up with ample evidence. Additionally, every paragraph must be explaining an independent point or argument which builds the thesis statement. These should also be followed by other sentences which support any claim you make about your town.

Example of 1st Body Paragraph

The Mahone Bay is first of all known for its warm and welcoming people. Growing up, I always found our neighbors bizarrely warm which was almost annoying. People knew each other and lived like a family. I met tourists who were always perplexed by the warmth and love they saw in the town’s people. Giving people the benefit of the doubt was almost something one could consider innate and my friends, and I were also brought up in the same way. Happiness was and is something we all share and this culture is bound to survive.

Example of 2nd Body Paragraph

The second reason why I treasure my home town is because of the old architecture the town beholds. The town’s buildings a deeply nostalgic and one is drawn deep into history when they get the opportunity to see them. Few towns in Canada can boast of giving its visitor nostalgic experiences and hence another reason why my home town should be revered. One other point to consider is the simple fact that the Mahone Bay’s iconic churches are currently the most photographed in Canada. This is an important piece of history and experiencing it is something one ought to be a part of.

Example of 3rd Body Paragraph

For the lovebirds and those who just happen to be nature “junkies,” Mahone Bay offers you beautiful and unforgettable sceneries which will help you make life-long experiences. The romantic outdoor sceneries the Mahone Bay will offer you a great experience and will surely earn you some extra points with your loved one. For me, the experience is always special, and since my childhood days, I have never had enough of this romantic side of my home town.

How to conclude essay on My Home Town

For your information, every part of an essay is important. While only one part of an essay is called a body, it is vital to understand that an essay will never be considered complete if it does not have a conclusion. Additionally, you will not be able to earn your full marks if you have or include a bad conclusion. Therefore, the same energy you start your essay should the same one you finish with.

In your conclusion, you need to consider the following:

  • Restate your thesis.
  • Leave people with the need to visit your hometown.

Example of Conclusion

In conclusion, my home town is unlike any other town in Canada. While it may have a small population, it promises one an unforgettable experience. The combination of a kind people, history-rich architecture, awesome and beautiful sceneries should be enough to make one want to make it their permanent residence. But why would you believe me while you can simply make your way down here and experience everything in full?


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